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Deep Tissue Massage

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

The Deep Tissue Massage is our most popular massage at Lala Luna. It is both a modern and traditional massage. In some ways similar so a classic Swedish Massage, A Deep tissue massage is designed to work muscles and connective tissue deep in the body. In many ways it is a modern massage. Deep tissue has grown in popularity over the last 50 years. The massage style has benefited from modern medicinal science. At Lala Luna, we refer to the massage style as deep tissue/therapeutic massage. If done correctly, it can be medical massage which provides benefits to clients beyond relaxation. Deep Tissue Massage can invigorate stressed or pulled muscles. It can help restore flexibility and reduce pain. The layer of connective tissue below the muscles is called the fascia. A skilled therapists can massage the fascia through the skin and muscles. This type of massage can not only treat chronic pain, it can help people recover from an injury, improve mobility, and decrease recovery after exercise. The Deep tissue or therapeutic massage at Lala Luna of Scottsdale is customized for every client. No two bodies are the same and some clients need a particular focus on a problem area or injury. The benefits of a Deep tissue Massage are not Pseudoscience. Doctors all over the world prescribe deep tissue massage to their patients. Deep Tissue has been proven effective in numerous scientific studies. Deep tissue Massage has the potential to realign the spine and other misplaced joints. It can be just as or more effective than a trip to the Chiropractor. It certainly lasts longer than your average Chiropractic visit. A great deep tissue massage, the kind which Lala Luna offers, and the kind offered at resorts all over Scottsdale combines medical benefit with relaxation. The massage may help damaged muscles, but its also supposed to feel great. Pain causes stress and stress causes pain. A DT massage offers a way to break that cycle. At Lala Luna, we are not Doctors. We cant promise we will fix your medical issues. We can promise you will leave our spa feeling significantly better than when you walked in. Give us a call to try a great massage like Lala Luna's Deep Tissue today.

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