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What makes for a great Swedish Massage?

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Here at Lala Luna Spa, We offer the most common massage in the World, The Swedish Massage. The massage is characterized by light strokes. The massage goal is to relax the entire body with a secondary goal to stimulate blood flow. The massage style is as old as civilization itself.

In America, Its called Swedish Massage because it was popularized in the states by a traveling Swedish Physician. In China its simply called a traditional massage. A similar massage style has been practiced in Greece and The Mediterranean for thousands of years.

Long flowing strokes direct blood flow back to the heart. Increased blood flow and circulation can reduce pain and inflammation. Swedish massage is typically a gentle soft massage. It has been show to reduce stress levels for days after the massage.

You can expect circular pressure. Gentle Tapping and kneading of muscles. Most of the work is done with palms, though there is some light stretching.

At Lala Luna Spa of Scottsdale,, A Swedish massage concentrates on the back and upper body, but it not complete without a hand, foot and head massage

Swedish Massage is a traditional massage technique you are sure to enjoy. The effects will remain with the client long after they leave Lala Luna.

Hope to see you soon.

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