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What is a Combination Massage?

Combination massage is often referred to a sports or Stretching massage. Exactly what a combination massage is differs from therapist to therapist. It is a general term for a combination of more than one massage style. Here at Lala Luna Spa in Scottsdale, We offer a combination massage as one of our services. We have several talented therapists who are proficient in combination massages . Everyone does combination a little bit different. It is a highly individualized massage.

At Lala Luna, we define a combination massage as Stretching + Swedish + Deep Tissue. It is a therapeutic massage with stretching and extra focus on joints, the spine, and general alignment. The purpose of the massage is to help restore flexibility. Joints are gently extended. Ligaments and tendons are stretched, often into positions they have not been stretched in months or even years for some people. The massage can hurt a little, in the same way that stretching can hurt a little. We don't endorse hyper extension of the joints at Lala Luna. The medical science is pretty clear. Extending joints to the point of extreme pain can cause injury. The best way to restore total flexibility is a series of sessions, each incrementally increasing the distance the jointed is extended. The results can be amazing. Sometimes with a single good stretch, the spine or problem joints will realign themselves. Sometimes it can take a few sessions. Combination massage is a good alternative to visiting the chiropractor, any many clients claim it is more effective. Combination Massage can fix posture, walk, and can relieve pain. Its nice to see the smile on people's faces when they leave the Spa. I know Lala Luna is really helping people and fixing pain. The effects are probably the most drastic of any massage we offer at Lala Luna.

At Lala Luna Combination massage is so named, because it combines a deep tissue massage with a stretching massage. The medical benefits of stretching are well known and have been verified by medical science. Besides flexibility and pain relief, stretching can increase blood flows to joints limbs and muscles. Stretching can help fight arthritis and provide nerve stimulation for limbs. Flexibility is also highly correlated with longevity and quality of life.

Combination massage is a modern style, but it has its roots in classical Asian massage techniques. In many Spas, combination refers to a massage that is combination of Thai Massage and Swedish. This style is often called Table Thai, or Thai Swedish. This is similar to Lala Luna's Combination Massage. Several of our therapists are trained in Table Thai, and use Thai stretching techniques within a Combination Massage. A shiatsu massage is a Japanese style that involves back walking. At Lala Luna, we have a few therapists who use overhead Ashiatsu style bars to practice back walking on clients.

In America, Asian massage often has negative connotations. There are a few bad actors out there running criminal enterprises which masquerade as Day Spas. Lala Luna is a real day spa. We hire only professional therapists, who give great massages and want to be treated like professionals. It is sad to see Asian Massage with such a negative reputation. There are many techniques from Asian Massage that Americans would find beneficial. Lala Luna is proud to associate itself with the positive cultural traditions of Asian Massage. We are proud to have a small group of amazingly talented Asian American massage therapists.

At LaLa Luna, we dont advertise any of our massages as Asian themed or branded because we don't want to be mistakenly associated with criminal enterprise. We don't want those types of customers. We want customers who want a high quality massage and a great experience. Those kind of customers treat our therapists with the respect all people deserve.

Some of therapists come from a Sports medicine background. These therapists give a combination massage that typically focuses on a specific muscle group involved with a particular sport. In Scottsdale, our therapist get frequent request for a Golf Massage. This massage focuses on the muscle areas used when playing golf.

Whatever the style, a combination massage at Lala Luna combination massage should always focus on the joints, the spine and general alignment. A combination massage is highly individualized. It is vital that clients communicate their needs to the therapists before the start of the session. During the massage its important to talk your therapist to make certain a client isn't stretched to the point of injury. We always want the best for our clients. We wish for them to leave the Spa in better shape than when they walked in the door. I hope to see you soon. We look forward to your visit.

Combination/stretching massage

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